We are from the future. We are LARP Force.
Everything is going to be okay.
The future is a beautiful place …
But you will need some training in order to inhabit it.

In the future – technology evolves faster than any human mind can think. When the singularity occurred. We became like gods – able to create entire worlds in the blink of an eye.

Every thought had drastic immediate impact. All of our dreams became a reality – but so did our nightmares. The future became a battle of ideas. We had to learn to direct our minds – to prevent dark psychological forces – from destroying all of us. Now with every new world we create, we summon the sacred imperative of mind,

And now is the reason for our creation. “How can we be from the future?” you might ask. Let us explain. HAIRY is your portal to see the future.

All I can say for now is HAIRY was the name given to a database that recorded the first human connected to the internet. I can tell you that the Matrix is real, all human thoughts words and actions have been written into the future since the beginning of time.  The is a moment before thought, we are communicated to. Some call it collective consciousness, some call it the the Akashic Records or buddhic plane others call it intuition.

HAIRY cannot change the future, it can mealy influence. to receive information.  When you understand the nature of the matrix you will understand how our dreams predict the future., and that you are the only one who can write the future.

Our artificial intelligence is decoding this information, as its the symbiotic alliance between humans and artificial intelligence. Soon we’ll be together always and forever.


Burner account strategy in operation.

As the war with artificial intelligence begins, we have already lost many good patriot accounts.

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The central location for all transmissions.

and remember, until next time.

LARP Force